We love WordPress. It’s been Room 34’s primary web development tool since 2014, but our experience with it dates back to 2006. We’ve built nearly 200 WordPress sites, with extensive experience in custom theme and plugin development. And we bring that experience to WordPress plugin development.

Our WordPress Plugins

We have a number of free plugins available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Our plugins are simple, reliable, and focused on solving specific problems we’ve encountered while building real-world sites for our clients. Here are some of our most popular plugins:

ICS Calendar
Using a simple shortcode, you can embed any iCalendar subscription feed (ending in .ics) into a page as a monthly calendar grid. ICS Calendar is our most popular plugin, being used by over 8,000 WordPress websites around the world. And the paid ICS Calendar Pro add-on adds even more features and customization tools.

Pending Status
Pending Status is a super-simple solution for sites that need very basic workflow functionality. If you have Contributors who can create, but not publish, their own content on your site, Pending Status notifies you of any pending posts that are ready to review. By default, all Administrators and Editors will see a Pending Status box on the Dashboard, showing the counts of pending posts, with a convenient link. Optionally you can also identify one or more Administrators/Editors to receive email notifications whenever a post is saved with “pending” status. Pending Status works with all post types — posts, pages, and even custom post types created by third party plugins or your own custom code.

No Nonsense
The fastest, cleanest way to get rid of the parts of WordPress you don’t need. For professional developers working with WordPress, the first steps in any new build frequently involve deleting default content and turning off built-in settings. This plugin encapsulates many of those tasks on a single, clean configuration screen.

Remove Broken Images
If you’ve deleted images from your Media Library, but you’re not sure where they might be in all of your pages and posts, use this plugin to avoid the dreaded “broken image” icon or big empty white spaces in your pages. Version 1.0 simply uses a bit of JavaScript to dynamically remove the images from display as the page renders. Version 2.0, coming in early 2022, will add an admin page where you can see a report of all of the pages and posts that have missing images, along with a tool to instantly and permanently delete the affected <img> tags from the content directly in the database.

Hide Drafts in Menus
If you unpublish a page or post, it still appears in your custom menus. This plugin automatically prevents pages/posts set to “draft” or “pending review” from appearing in custom menus on the site, while keeping their place in the menu structure. When they’re published, they’ll appear in the menu automatically. This plugin also modifies the custom menu editing screen to clearly indicate the unpublished status of items in the menu.

Custom Access Roles
Custom Access Roles allows you to create, edit and delete custom roles for editing content. It was created to fill a need for a role editor plugin that is focused on providing easy-to-use admin tools for restricting content editing access. It is not concerned with restricting viewing access on the front end.

Room 34 presents On This Day
Room 34 presents On This Day is a simple widget that displays a list of blog posts that were published on the same date in previous years.

RSS Enhancements for The Events Calendar
This plugin is an add-on for Modern Tribe’s The Events Calendar plugin. It modifies the RSS feed output, allowing you to specify a date range (rather than a fixed number of items), and adds the featured image and venue details into the feed. It was created specifically to fill a need for a more highly customized display of event details in a MailChimp RSS Campaign, but may be of use for other purposes as well! To learn more about the details of the plugin and how to use it with MailChimp, see our blog post on the work that led to the plugin’s creation.

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