• UIA Wrightwood

Room 34’s founder, Scott Anderson, got his start as a web developer in the mid-’90s at Ultimate Internet Access (UIA) in southern California. Nearly 20 years later, UIA brought in Room 34 to help tell this story¬†for the small mountain community of Wrightwood, California, where UIA is rolling out Gigabit Fiber in 2016.

Facing general community dissatisfaction with their current slow DSL speeds and competition from a large cable Internet provider arriving later in the year, UIA needed to show just how much faster Gigabit Fiber really is, at a comparable price.

Gigabit Fiber Internet is so much faster than DSL or cable, the difference in speed can be difficult to convey. With the help of outstanding design work by Karsten Lundquist, Room 34 developed a responsive WordPress website for UIA Wrightwood with unique animated speed comparison charts.

Other features of the site include an interactive Google map (customized to match the site’s visual design) to allow residents to find out when Gigabit Fiber will be available at their address, and a sign-up form for new customers to get started.