• Galactic Pizza

We had been working with Galactic Pizza for a couple of years, helping out with menu updates on their existing static site, when a number of needs came together: the site needed to be responsive for mobile devices, and it needed an easier way to add new features and customizations such as gift cards, online ordering, a blog, and better SEO management tools.

The client wanted to keep the unique vibe of the existing site while adding all of these new capabilities. We worked closely with the client on subtle modifications to the design to make it more accommodating to a responsive layout with multiple breakpoints for desktop, tablets and phones. Then we moved everything into WordPress. No more manual updates to HTML files whenever the menu changed!

Moving to WordPress also made it possible for us to turn several longstanding desires for the website from ideas to reality. We added WooCommerce to allow for gift card orders, created a custom skin for the third-party system used for taking online pizza orders, and added a blog and SEO tools.

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