Our Team

Room 34 Creative Services is built of a small core team, supplemented by a network of freelancers and other small agencies in the Twin Cities and New York. Here’s our core team…

Scott Anderson


Despite a music major in college, I was never destined for the concert hall. The Atari 2600 inspired an early passion for both technology and design in the 1980s, and I spent my spare time in college in the early 1990s learning a brand new technology called the “World Wide Web.”

The web has come a long way since then, and I’ve been there through it all… from the frontier days of the mid-’90s, to the dot-com boom and bust in 1999–2000, to the flourishing of social media and responsive web design in the early 2010s, to… OK, what’s next?

What’s next for me is Room 34 Creative Services, an independent web development studio, started as a side project in late 2000 and my full-time occupation since July 2008. I bring the skills and experience I’ve gained over two decades as a web professional to small businesses, non-profits and cooperatives everywhere — from right here in Minneapolis to as far as Perth, Australia.

Sara Puotinen


Little did I know that my first teaching job, as a media specialist training students on how to use the web, including a new search engine named Google, would be the start of a passion for using and teaching with online technologies, like blogs and Twitter.

Since that first job, way back in 1999, I earned a PhD in Women’s Studies (2006) and have researched and taught at the University of Minnesota in the Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Department (2006-2011).

Much of my recent teaching and current research involves exploring the critical, creative and subversive potential of new social media. I’m particularly interested in issues of access, the digital divide and providing new and less experienced users with the tools for not only effectively navigating the web but for carving out their own spaces for creation, expression, connection and promotion.

Freelancers and Partners

Alison Brueggemann

Alison is a versatile print and web designer who has collaborated with Room 34 for both IA/UX strategy and UI visual design on several website projects since 2010.

Alison’s website: storiedcreative.com

Karsten Lundquist

Scott and Karsten go way back. Having first met and become close friends in college in the early ’90s, they were also coworkers throughout much of the 2000s. Karsten brings to his design projects an outstanding design aesthetic and depth of understanding of the nuances of design for the web. Karsten has been collaborating with Room 34 since 2015.

Karsten’s website: krx10.com

Michelle Schulp

Michelle is an acclaimed speaker and designer/developer within the WordPress community, and it has been a privilege for us to rely on her unique balance of those skills as a freelance developer on Room 34 projects since 2015.

Michelle’s website: marktimemedia.com

Hannah Lynch

Hannah has worked in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a professional photographer for over 25 years, a career that includes fine art, portraiture, editorial work, and even a brief stint shooting brain surgeries for a health care company as a staff photographer.

Hannah’s website: hannahlandia.com

Agency Partners

We are frequently called upon by design agencies to provide technical consulting and web development services, and we have established ongoing relationships with a number of agencies, including:

Astral Studio
Background Stories
Brew: A Creative Collaborative

We have also done occasional work with the following:

Copilot Web Services
Equinox Creative
The Nerdery
Werner Design Werks